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What is Atomz?

There is a problem...


Cryptocurrencies can be confusing for many people. With so many exchanges and options, people can get confused about all of this and therefore, get discouraged about investing in cryptocurrencies.


Once users sign up to exchanges or investing platforms, there is a high chance that they do not know which cryptocurrency is the most profitable to purchase or sell at the moment.


Even when users know how to buy and exchange cryptocurrency, they may not have the time to analyse charts and trade them to maximize profitability and to always stay secure in case of a cryptocurrency crash.

We have the solution!


Users will be able to see what is the best coin to buy and sell at this moment depending if they aim to hold them for a long time or simply buy and sell them to make profit. In addition, users can request an analysis on a specific coin to be reviewed.

Crypto Packs

Atomz will do all the buying for you! Atomz will select, using the Atomz Index, the top cryptocurrencies to purchase based on different elements. These cryptocurrencies will be places in crypto packs, similar to mutual funds for stocks. Users can also create and sell there own packs using the Atomz Platform.

Trading Bot

Atomz will trade cryptocurrencies to maximize profits and save users time. Atomz keeps all its logging visible to the user to be as transparent as possible. Users can choose to immediately take profit without any waiting time, or can even decide to compound profit to build up their portfolio.

Anybody who purchases during ICO gets 2 years for free!

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Let's take a look at the platform

Powered by tokens


Services and subscriptions can be purchased exclusively with ATZ Tokens, encouraging its utility and usage between users in the platform.

Community Voting

Users who own tokens are able to speak their mind to the community. Voting can influence the Atomz Platform and certain elements inside it (charity giveaways, ...)

  • Login

    Atomz supports standard login systems such as email and password, but also supports decentralized options such as Civic. In addition, Atomz uses Metamask to confirm your amount of tokens if you do not decide to store them on the website.

  • Smart Contract

    The ATZ Token's smart contract has been audited and confirmed as safe to use.

    Atomz Smart Contract Verified
  • Atomz Formula

    The Atomz Formula takes into consideration a multitude of indicators and trends and then calibrates them to create the Atomz Index. In addition, Atomz uses machine learning to always improve results based on past and current data.

  • Limited Access

    Atomz token supply is limited. To access the platform, a user must own the correct amount of tokens based on their price. Inevitably, if more users want to access the platform, the price of the token must rise.

Does this all sound good to you?

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Some Documentation

V2 Coming Soon

Made by a Great Team

Anton Otaner

Anton Otaner

CEO & Founder

Micheal Lykins

Michael Lykins

Chief Marketing Officer

Dominic Hains

Dominic Hains

Cryptocurrency Analyst

Franciska Otaner

Franciska Otaner

Graphic Designer

James Haggenmiller

James Haggenmiller

Executive Administrator

Brad O'Hara

Brad O'Hara

Cryptocurrency Analyst

Revé Fisher

Revé Fisher

Technical Writer

Sonja Prstec

Sonja Prstec

Legal Advisor

George Vislovschi

George Vislovschi

Technical Advisor

Thayne Swindell

Thayne Swindell

Marketing Advisor



Token Distribution Chart

All unsold token will be locked for 1 year to be sold later to the public 🔒


Funds Distribution Chart

Charity Funds will be spread out upon the charities that the community and the team believe in 😇



November 2017

The ATOMZ project began core development


April 2018

Atomz began preparing this project for the public and not only for personal use

Platform Development

September 2018

Atomz decided that, due to a poor market, we will keep developing the platform now instead of later


April 2019

Atomz will launch its pre-ico with a fully functional MVP to test the market


June 2019

Atomz will launch its official ICO to the public

Platform Beta Release

September 2019

Atomz will release the platform to the public in beta mode to fix any possible issues

Platform Official Release

November 2019

Atomz will officially release the platform to the public

Marketing Push and Partnerships

January 2020

Atomz will promote the platform to the public and build up even more possible strategic partnerships

Mainstream Adoption

May 2020

Atomz will launch a campaign to promote new crypto users to the space encouraging Atomz to be considered the all-in-one platform for cryptocurrencies investors


You will receive your tokens after your have completed KYC and after the ICO has finished.

We believe everyone should be able to invest in cryptocurrencies, so we have set our minimum investment to 100 USD.

You will get a full refund. However, we cannot compensate for transactions fees and a 3% administration fee.

NO! The Atomz Platform of course does its best to chose the best cryptocurrency to buy and sell at the moment with statics, but can't always be right because of market conditions and news.

We accept Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether Classic and Dash. We are also trying to accept credit cards, but regulations are making this challenging.

The Atomz Token is an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. More precisely, the ATZ Token is a Utility token as it is used for purchases and login ability on the Atomz Platform.

No, the Atomz Platform is not an Exchange.

Currently, due to regulations, Atomz will not be available in the United States of America.

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